Test Cheat Sheet

*Note: This page is under constant revision and suggestions are welcome

How to get Tested: Tips for Integrative Medicine

  1. Private Companies
    Great Plains Laboratory
    Life Extension Foundation
    Theranos (only in CA as of 3/8/2014)
  2. Finding Doctors
    I try to go to Anti-Aging specialists or Integrative Doctors, as they are more apt to do comprehensive and innovative lab-work.
    A Google search will do or try directories like these: https://www.lef.org/Health-Wellness/InnovativeDoctors/
  3. Tools
    Blood Glucose Monitor
  4. MVTs (Most Valuable Tests)
    Red Blood Cell Fatty Acids
    Serum Fatty Acids
    Blood Glucose
    Lipid Panel
    Serum Zinc/Copper

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