Acne Revolution and Microbiome Insights

Ben at Acne Revolution has been doing some interesting work into the microbiome of people with acne and other conditions. He was recently featured on the UBIOME blog here.  I encourage you to check out his blog and perhaps perform your own experiments through Ubiome, which is revolutionizing Microbiome research. (also for redditors, /r/microbiome has a lot of good links on the subject)

Ubiome is very affordable at $89 per stool kit.  It is not as comprehensive and diagnostic as the Genova stool analysis, but it will do much more to move research in that area forward.

I am very interested in individual bacteria such as Akkermansia Mucinophilia (which I had very low levels of).  Akkermansia Mucinophilia has been show to play an important role in intestinal health and in preventing diabetes and obesity.  For those with mental health conditions, microbiome research will hopefully revolutionize psychiatry.

 Here is Ben’s post reviewing some of the insights that I have found.

The more people we can get doing this sort of thing, the better.

Also in other news, for Arizonan readers, self testing just became much easier and cheaper through Theranos.  This should spread throughout the country quickly, making self-testing much more affordable and easier.