Quantifying Acne

What gets measured (correctly) gets managed and improved.

I began counting the number of lesions (pimples) that I had (about once a week). This sounds nutty but it has enabled me to better gauge whether or not treatments were working over time.

I counted lesions that were on my upper neck and face.  I did not count chest or back acne.

Excel sheets are great for this.  Evernote also works well, and can be accessed from any device with the internet.

We will work on better ways to quantify acne, as there are many factors like sebum, inflammation, redness, etc.



  1. Question: do you think that the etiology is the same for all acne regardless of where on the body it is located? For example, I used to have cystic acne on my face only as a teen, but as I grew older it left my face and swarmed the back of my neck. Any guesses? Are the two locations manifestations of the same disease?

    1. I think so. Personally since doing these things my acne has improved in both areas, and my skin texture has changed in both areas as well. I really couldn’t tell you exactly why it has had that pattern, you will have to do some research on it, and I will look into it as well

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