I am a male, 22 years old.  I have had moderate to severe acne since I was 13, and everyone in my family has as well.  After being on every acne medication known to man, I decided the traditional approach was not working. 

After reading Tim Ferriss’s book, the 4 Hour Body, I began to see health differently, and am a proud part of the Quantified Movement. 

These are the fruits of my new approach.  Hopefully you can apply it to your life and perhaps contribute data in the future.

This excerpt from an email to my friend summarizes what I would like this website to become:

“Hopefully this website evolves as people need it to, and I’m open to any suggestions on how to improve it.  I think of this website as a sail, where it collects the energies of those very motivated to end acne, and the collective energy moves the ship very far and very fast.
If you can’t work on this website, I understand as you have a lot on your plate.  But I would much rather work on this site with someone who is personally passionate about ending acne, even if it means waiting longer to get the site going.
Let me know if you have any questions. For starters I would just like to get a rough website out there with all of my data, and then it can evolve from there.”



  1. howdy, i’ve enjoyed your site over the last few months. i’ve struggled with acne myself and founded a skincare company. i’m also interested in tim ferriss’ approach to life and health.

    i’m all about trying to figure out things that work for acne in adults. it’s a complex condition and there’s not enough information about the condition’s connection to stress and nutrition out there.

    i thought i’d reach out and see how things are going. perhaps we could collaborate on a blog post or two?

    btw, i’m using this form to reach out to you. it’s not intended as a public comment. 😉

    1. Hey Andy,
      Thanks for the comment! Hope the website has been of some help. I would enjoy collaborating on a blog post — I haven’t updated my site for a while so I need to get on that too. I really don’t acne is as tough as dermatologists make it out to be, although when you really dive into it there are multiple factors behind it and they may not be the same for everyone.
      My email is mark.dittman@huskers.unl.edu as well.
      Anyway take care!

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