Acne and Hormones

Soon I will be compiling various tests on hormones and their correlation with acne. Some are already on various posts. Cliffs notes until then: Positive correlation between Acne and testosterone, cortisol (only tested once, so nothing to compare it to), DHT. Lowering these hormones (other than elevated cortisol) seems unwise in regards to holistic health, especially in males. No correlation in acne and fasting blood glucose, estrogen, or IGF-1. Likely a correlation between acne and Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.
Also I will post complete hair mineral analysis as well as urinary organic acids (have to get another one from the lab). No major problems with urinary organic acids, but depleted urinary vitamin C as well as slightly elevated markers for candida and a few other ‘bad’ intestinal flora. Seems wise to take a probiotic, especially if you have run courses of antibiotics for acne in the past.
Hold me to getting these posts up!


One comment

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and it’s like you are dropping keyword bombs on everything I’ve been reading up on lately. I would love to connect with you if you are on any other sites where I’d get updates. I’m an amateur thus far but have been devotedly reading up on physiology body Chemistry, etc. the past month or so. Will continue browsing your blog for insight!!!

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