Acne and Hair Heavy Metals

This may be completely unrelated to acne or it may be, but for the sake of data integrity I think it is important to include it.

Test Date: 2/19/2014


Acne is typically correlated with lower levels of antioxidants, so theoretically acne patients could be more susceptible to heavy metal toxicity.  This goes to stress the importance of getting your own lab-work done as you never know what you may find personalized to you. Heavy metal toxicity is becoming very legitimately recognized.  Mercury and lead have serious established side effects.  Hair uranium is correlated with increased risk of cancer, as is its isotope, radon.  Vitamin C is an intelligent precaution to take, but there is really no reason to take more than 500 milligrams at once since the body doesn’t absorb much more than 500 mg at a time.

Lesson of the story: get personalized data, you will be glad you did.


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