Subject #2: Fatty Acids Revisited

*We are working on a better format for this website.  In short it is a collection of lab tests aimed at identifying the root cause of acne.  Technically these posts are meant to be read from the oldest to the newest, as that is the order that I got them in.

Subject #2: Male, 17 years old

# of Lesions: Unknown, he went on accutane earlier in the year, and acne returned

Diet/Supplements/Medication: Diet high in fruits and vegetables, lower in fats


Subject 2 was deficient in Nervonic Acid, Vaccenic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Erucic Acid (Docosenoic Acid), and Docosapentanoic acid (an elongated form of the better known omega-3: EPA).

Vaccenic Acid shows up once again. Vaccenic Acid is found in ruminant fat, so eating more animal fat seems to be smart, given the current data.  This will also lead to satiety and reduce low blood sugar episodes, as fats tend to keep blood sugar more stable.  And if you are going to drink milk, make damn sure it is not skim milk.

Deficient in  Docosapentanoic Acid.  This fatty acid seems to have some interesting benefits, but is not well known yet.
The article above shows that it is responsible for inhibiting inflammatory metabolites of Arachidonic Acid, so theoretically it could be quite beneficial for acne.


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