Micronutrient Test #2: Antioxidants and Acne Revisited

*We are working on a better format for this website.  In short it is a collection of lab tests aimed at identifying the root cause of acne.

Spectracell 2 online

Date: 7/10/13

Lesions: 15

Medications/Diet/Supplements: NAC 1600 mg, Standard Multivitamin, Typical American Diet, Beef Liver 1x per week, Vit. D 5000 IU

There is definitely a correlation with acne, although low antioxidants can also lower Testosterone and DHT, so it could even out.  But in general, acne and low antioxidants tend to correlate in my experience.

It does seem as if this is not the root cause, because simply taking NAC or vitamin E did not do much by way of eliminating acne.


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