Food Allergy Panel: Stopping Gluten doesn’t Cure Zits

Test Date: 1/7/2013

Number of Lesions: Around 15 (Face and Upper Neck)


  • Vit. D 5000 IUs
  • Viibryd 20mg (SSRI)-(it can have antioxidant effects, as well as hormonal effects, thus affecting acne)
  • Animal Pak multivitamin
  • Zyrtec 10 mg for allergies as needed


Removing gluten did not eliminate or even decrease acne.  Food allergy panel seems to be a good marker of intestinal health.

There are quite a few websites that emphasize the importance of eliminating gluten in order to clear acne:

In my case eliminating gluten while eating sugary foods instead actually made acne worse over time.  There is lots of evidence for this:

There are some connections between acne and intestinal barrier integrity, but am not yet sure what to make of them or which tests would be best.

Perhaps Urinary Organic Acids would be a good place to start, or a stool analysis, for those interested. Metametrix offers both.

To sum this up, food allergies seem to be indicative of poor intestinal health, but eliminating the problem foods won’t fix acne (in this case).


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